We worked with Rhea over a couple of weeks to establish better sleep patterns for our twin boys. All I can say is AMAZING!! We were in a position where our little ones were difficult to get to sleep at any time, and one in particular was waking every half hour in the evening and several times at night, needing to be rocked to sleep for 20 mins minimum at a time and wanting feeds in the night. We need help and our fairy godmother arrived - just before I completely lost the plot! Rhea listened to our situation and asked questions to find out the information she needed to create a bespoke plan for us. She then talked us through the plan and enabled us to ask questions to ensure we understood. She was then there for us over the following days, providing support via WhatsApp and follow up calls to ensure we felt comfortable with what we were doing and stayed on track. I’m not going to say it was an easy first night - but she had prepared us for that - and so we felt we were able to take things in our stride. We couldn’t believe it when they slept through the first night and we woke in the morning a little confused about whether it was the middle of the night or not! Each of the steps we have followed have been straight forward and for us have gone relatively smoothly and we are so grateful for her support in this. I would not hesitate to recommend Rhea to you. She is friendly, thoughtful, professional and with five children of her own (including twins) she is more than capable of empathising with the wits’ end feeling that sleep deprivation brings. If you have got to the end of this testimonial and aren’t convinced I would just say, give her a call - the first 15 minute consultation is free. What have you got to loose? And you are sure to gain back precious hours of sleep and your sanity if you go ahead. For the avoidance of doubt, I’d also say that I am not a friend of Rhea’s, nor related to her in any way. We did not know each other prior to working together. I’ve just written this testimonial because I want people to be helped like we were helped. Good luck!"

Ali, Max and Owen 9 months- Copy

 Isabella was always a great sleeper, thumb sucker and loves her muzzy! She self settled like a dream. Although she had never been one to sleep through the night, would always wake for a feed. At 12 months things took a turn and it got harder to get her to bed and keep her there! over the period of a year we went from staying in her room for over an hour and sometimes 2, to car drives to get her to sleep to eventually just putting her to bed in our bed! It worked for a period of time, she went straight off in our bed and it was easy but we knew it couldn't last. We took the plunge of getting her a single bed when she was about 2, she took to it really well which we were pleased with but getting her to sleep was still a struggle with one of us staying in there until she fell asleep. And she was still waking several times until we would put her in our bed! And here wonderful Rhea steps in! She provided a fantastic consultation that made us feel really at ease and comfortable with her and the steps forward. She provided comfort to our concerns and to our amazement Isabella responded so well. It was a tough first week but we pulled through it and Rhea supported us everyday. Within a week we were able to say goodnight and leave the room with no problems! Within 2 weeks we were doing this and downstairs getting on with our evening and she was sleeping through. We can't recommend Rhea enough, her service is utterly life changing and has given Isabella the gift of a good night's sleep and independence! Thank you!"

Anika, Rob and Isabella, 2.5 yrs

 "Evelyn has been an adequate sleeper since a baby but had rarely slept through the night. We used online research and informal advice to establish good sleep habits and to start weaning her from milk, it was working reasonably well until Evelyn was unwell for a week aged one year. Following this, she regressed to the sleeping habits of a new born.....2-3 hourly wakes, only settling with a bottle or in our arms, she was unhappy during the day due to her broken sleep. At 6 months pregnant with our second child, this became untenable for my husband and I and we became so sleep deprived we were struggling to function and at a loss as to how to fix things. Until we met Rhea, AKA our saviour! Rhea devised an individualised plan which suited our parenting style and Evelyn was sleeping through the night, weaned from milk and bottles and a much happier little girl in just 24 hours!!! Rhea was kind, patient, accessible, confident and very knowledgeable. This gave us the confidence that we were doing the best for our little one which allowed us to stick to the plan and succeed. Rhea has changed our lives and given us our happy, content little girl back. Our only regret is that we didn't do this sooner!""

Laura and Evie 13 months

 I wish I had started this months ago when Rhea was first recommended to me. I kept putting it off because my first baby was and still is a brilliant sleeper and I assumed eventually my 14 month old twins would catch on. Rhea is kind, knowledgeable, extremely supportive and put all my concerns regarding sleep training to bed (excuse the pun!). It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Being able to get a full nights sleep after all this time has transformed family life. Importantly my babies are happy, rested and sleeping like babies."

Tara, Luke and Ezra 14 months

 We contacted Rhea having had a very difficult 6 month period of sleeping with our second child, Lucas. Having started life as brilliant sleeper, at 18 months old he deteriorated as we slipped into bad habits and the Christmas break was ruined by him waking multiple times each night, not falling asleep unless he was laying on one of us, keeping us awake by flapping around in our bed etc. etc. After a simple and friendly briefing from Rhea, we embarked on her sleep programme, and after only 3 nights Lucas was happily going into his cot wide awake and sleeping there all night, waking only occasionally. By night 7 or 8 he had started sleeping through from 730pm to 630am. It’s a genuine transformation, giving Lucas more energy each day, and for us it means we get our evenings back and a full nights sleep. Thank you Rhea!"

Rebecca and lucas, 20 months

 We couldn't be happier with the amazing results Rhea helped us achieve, I kick myself that I didn't sort this sooner! A happier daughter/parents/household as a result. Great support from Rhea along the way and a tailored, gentle personalised plan to suit us. Worked an absolute treat and in a very short time span, wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Charlotte and Hattie, 2.5 yrs

 Our son William hadn’t slept more than 4 hours in a row when I met Rhea. I’d been living the last 14 months in a fog of night feeds and broken sleep and I hadn’t realised just how exhausted I was. Rhea listened to us, and came up with a tailored plan to suit us and our family and I can honestly say she has changed our lives. After over a year of broken sleep our little boy started sleeping for 12 hours every night, after just 2 days of sticking to her plan. I still can’t believe it! Rhea is calm and caring, and will go above and beyond to make sure that the whole family feel comfortable with the plan. She’s been a constant support to me over the last few weeks and I don’t know what I’ll do without her now! I can highly recommend her to anyone who’s having sleep difficulties with their children. She is literally worth her weight in gold! Thank you so so much Rhea, you are WONDERFUL!"

Adam, Sarah, Grace and William