What I can do for you

A child sleep consultant’s job is to help, support and guide you in teaching your little one to go to sleep at bedtime by themselves and to get back to sleep on their own when they wake up in the night. Teaching your child to get a good nights sleep is the greatest gift you can give them.  It is that nourishing deep sleep that is so vital for every child.

Lots of families have reservations about having a sleep consultant in to work with them for all sorts of reasons: families and friends having different opinions, the internet having negative reviews on sleep training, the cost. The main reason I believe is that parents are worried their children are going to be left to cry and it is going to harm them long term. In fact, this is not the case at all and the plan is carried out in a gentle and calm way with you always there whilst they are learning those all important sleep skills.

I am a professional certified sleep consultant with lots of knowledge about the science of sleep, but ultimately you know your child the best. We will achieve the best outcome for your family because I will listen to you, work with you and respect your priorities and parenting style. I will never recommend you leave your child alone to cry.


If your current sleep situation isn’t bringing your family the rest it needs, book a free introductory call to discuss how things can be gently turned around. I can offer my services to customers in the UK and around the world.

What I can do for you